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Sinya Industries
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Sinya Industries Pte Ltd: Sheet Metal Fabricator

Sinya Industries Pte Ltd Company Profile
Sinya Industries Pte Ltd Company Profile

Incorporated on Jan 2, 1993, SINYA INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED is a privately owned company specializing in sheet metal fabrication of lift components and parts. Our key clients include various international elevator companies, and over the years our services have expanded to encompass not only manufacturing, but fitting and installation as well. We are also registered with the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore as an approved contractor under L2 in Interior Design and L1 in Lift & Escalator Installation.

SINYA INDUSTRIES is equipped with its own design team and advanced machineries. Our turnkey capabilities allow us to partake in any project requiring a complete solution. To know more about our range of products and services, please click here. Or to view our list of equipment, please click here.


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