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About Sinya Industries

Sinya Industries Pte Ltd: Sheet Metal Fabricator

SINYA INDUSTRIES specializes in the following business areas:

  • Complete lift bare cage, landing door, and car door fabrications
  • Manufacturing of lift components and parts, including, landing jambs, hall position lanterns/indicators, hall call push buttons, car operating panels,  lift supervisory panels etc
  • Manufacturing of lift motor room and lift shaft mechanical parts. This includes custom made structural supports and shaft bracketries, landing sills, etc
  • Design and build of new lift cage and interior finishes
  • Upgrading, inclusive of design, for existing lift cages and interiors
  • Design and construction of under truss of escalator/travelator with new cladding in the form of sheet metal or alternative finishings.

In addition, SINYA INDUSTRIES also provides the following services

  • Fabrication for all manners of steel structures with sheet metal claddings
  • Provision of job-shop and cutting services, CNC turret punching, cutting and bending for all kinds of sheet metal finishes
  • Custom made sheet metal enclosures, metal cabinets, trolleys, trays, card reader stands, signage displays, metal desks, etc

SINYA INDUSTRIES achieves and maintains quality assurance through the practice of two philosophies:

  • TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTORY by consistently providing reliable, prompt and excellent service at competitive rate, and
  • STRINGENT PROCESS MONITORING which supervises the entire work process flow from raw materials to installation, so as to ensure prime quality at delivery.

Our team has a combination of extended experience from related industries, with the aim of establishing permanent, long-term relationships, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to maximize their profitability.

Sinya Team

SINYA INDUSTRIES is owned and managed by a dedicated team with many years of experience in various industries. With a total team strength approaching one hundred, SINYA INDUSTRIES possesses full capability to provide complete turn-key solutions ranging from design, management, installation, and repairs and maintenance for lifts and escalators.